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Andrée Jardin - Shoe Care Kit

Shoe Care Kit
Shoe Care Kit

Caring for your shoes properly is the best way to ensure they stay durable and last a lifetime.

The ultimate Shoe Care Kit comes with brushes, polish, cloth and more - the perfect way to clean and care for your beloved shoes.

Made in France.

About the brand

A century ago on the banks of the Erdre river in Nantes, Georges-René Julio started out as an apprentice brush maker, soon the brushes beacame a real passion for Georges-René, and he opened his own factory in 1947 that he named Brosserie Julio.

Today, his grand children Jean-Baptiste and François-Marie have fully taken over the family business, and have been producing beautifully crafted brushes and brooms ever since.

To honour the memory of their much loved grandmother, Andrée Jardin, the two brothers gave her name to their new home accessory brand in 2012.

Shoe Care Kit
Shoe Care Kit