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Bey Of Travel shop is a sustainable and low waste online store based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Want to lead a more eco-friendly, low waste lifestyle? Our shop is filled with a wide range of carefully selected sustainable products to take along with you, wherever you go. 


Nice to meet you, my name is Stéphanie. I'm a nature lover and a clean beauty addict. I spend a lot of time travelling to different countries - my passion lies in exploring new cultures and discovering hidden gems. I document my travels over on the Bey Of Travel blog.



After travelling the globe, I realised that low waste products need to be made more accessible. 

That’s why I started this journey, to help others like me find their way towards a more ecological lifestyle, in the easiest way possible! It’s my mission to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible by offering products that help you reduce waste on a daily basis! 

Inspired by this discovery, the Bey Of Travel shop was born. Enjoy browsing through our selection of sustainable lifestyle products to help you reduce your environmental impact on-the-go. Here you can find all alternatives to single-use plastics, which help you produce less waste every day!

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail: or chat with me via Instagram.

Much love,