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10 sustainable gift ideas

Sustainable gift ideas

Thinking of having a more sustainable Christmas this year? When you choose ecologically responsible gifts, you’re not just doing your loved ones a favour... you’re also helping nature out at the same time.

And no, before you complain - they don't necessarily have to be stereotypical goat wool socks! Sustainable and eco-friendly gifts can be as surprising and wonderful as classic gifts.

To help you tick things off your Christmas list early this year, I’ve put together 10 sustainable gift ideas to help you inspire your friends and family to live a low waste lifestyle.

Say it with soap

Soap is such a rewarding product - and under our current circumstances, we all seem to be using it extensively these days. But liquid soap just doesn’t last long. Have you ever thought about giving a solid soap bar a try? You know, just like in the good old days?

Natural handmade soap bars are a gorgeous sustainable gift to receive - and on top of that, they’re available in a huge variety of scents and colours. Solid shampoos and conditioners also make thoughtful eco-friendly gifts, too. You’ll help reduce your loved one’s plastic bottle waste and nature will definitely thank you! 

Switching to a solid soap is an ideal first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The natural soaps from Helemaal Shea also come in a beautiful box as well, making them the perfect gift.

Price: €7,49. Shop here

Sustainable gift ideas

Something for the sustainable fashion lovers

Did you know that around 140 million tons of plastic is floating in our oceans right now? A further six tons are also dumped in addition every single year! This is without a doubt one of the most serious problems facing humanity - but some innovative brands are helping to tackle the plastic waste head-on.


Ucon Acrobatics are one of those incredible brands. They designed their first backpack in 2016, using mainly recycled plastic and other recycled materials. It takes approximately 20 plastic bottles to make a backpack. 


Since they began, the company has grown tremendously, and they have an extensive collection of trendy eco-friendly shoulder bags, hip bags and backpacks. If you’ve got a fashion-loving family member, they’ll absolutely love Ucon Acrobatics’ stylish minimalist range.

Available in multiple colors and sizes.

Price: €89,99. Shop here.


Step up their skincare routine


On average, one woman will use around 1000 cotton pads every year. This staggering amount easily fills a big garbage bag, which truly is something to think about. If reading shocking stats like this inspires you to reduce your daily waste, reusable cotton pads are an absolute must in your bathroom! They’re also a fab sustainable gift idea for someone who loves their clean skincare.


These soft reusable cotton pads are made from organic cotton and are double layered. They’re perfect for removing makeup or applying skin care products, like a cleanser or toner. After use, you can just wash them in with your other laundry - and they hardly take up any space! 


One quick tip… it's best to put them in a laundry bag, otherwise they may end up in that same mysterious parallel universe as some of your socks.


Price: 5 pieces: €9,90 / 10 pieces: €18,90. Shop here.

Sustainable gift ideas

Keep them hydrated

I get annoyed instantly when I see people walking around with plastic water bottles. Admit it - plastic bottles should really be a thing of the past by now! I’m in the habit of carrying my insulated water bottle with me everywhere. From the office to the gym, on a day trip, and even on vacation (I just put it standard in my hand luggage).

I’m not the biggest fan of plain drinking water, so I always try to pimp my water by adding some freshly squeezed lime juice. In summer, I put a handful of ice cubes in my bottle so the water stays cool all day long, and in winter I swap water for some nice hot tea!

If you spot your friends buying plastic bottles, treat them to a quality insulated water bottle this Christmas.

Price: €29,90. Shop here.

Sustainable gift ideas

Sustainable shaving

The perfect addition to any sustainable plastic-free bathroom is a reusable safety razor. This super durable gift lasts a lifetime - and you only have to replace the blades.

Add in a solid shaving soap and you’re officially on the way to becoming a sustainability pro. A reusable safety razor is a great eco-friendly treat for parents and partners alike - everyone could do with some sustainable help in their bathroom.

Price: €29,99. Shop here.

Sustainble gift ideas

Make a splash

Love having a swim? Made out of 100% recycled materials, Slowtide 's quick-drying towels are the perfect sustainable companion on any adventure or vacation.

The microfiber towel is super absorbent, quick-drying, compact and lightweight. My husband is definitely a fan!

Price: €35. Shop here.

Sustainble gift ideas

One for the makeup lovers


This flattering eyeshadow palette with 6 unique natural earthy shades is an essential in every makeup bag. 


The palette is created with completely natural ingredients, including gentle chamomile to help soothe the delicate skin around the eyes. The rich colors can be mixed or worn alone. It makes a beautiful natural gift for your friend, sibling or partner!


Price: €36.Shop here.


Sustainable gift ideas


Scrub those dishes in style


Get your dishes sparkling clean in no time with this natural dishwashing set.


It comes with a solid mint and lemon dish soap, a beech wood washing brush and a natural sponge. Help your loved ones take care of their tableware the traditional way, with beautiful artisan products. 


Price: €21,90. Shop here.


Sustainble gift ideas



Something for the little ones


Treat the kids with 3 best-selling natural children’s products in an elegant case with a beautiful design. This kit includes an extra soft body and facial cleanser, a liquid tonic shampoo and a soft, gentle soap bar.


These products from Enfance Paris are suitable for all skin types, even for newborns and the most sensitive skin. They are nurturing and protective, ideal for daily washing.


Price: €52. Shop here.


Sustainble gift ideas
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Sustainable gift ideas


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